Saltwater is excited to launch a new initiative that will focus on supporting the emerging seaweed industry in Alaska.

Why Seaweed

Seaweed plays a key role in ocean health as well as holding great commercial promise for many coastal communities. Kelp can be used in a variety of products including food, pharmaceuticals, animal feed, soil amendments, cosmetics, and even bioplastics. Shellfish growers have hypothesized that the presence of seaweed on their farms can buffer the impact of ocean acidification and other climate induced changes.

Why Saltwater

As an Alaskan company dedicated to supporting healthy fisheries and oceans, we are excited by the unique potential Alaska holds to grow a strong commercial seaweed sector – and the benefits that could bring to coastal communities and fisheries. The impact of warming waters and changing ocean chemistry on local fisheries has added interest and a greater sense of urgency. We want to support a full understanding of the impact of expanded seaweed production and harvest on the broader ecosystem.

How can we help?

Under this new initiative, we are exploring opportunities for Saltwater to participate and contribute to this sustainable, environmentally positive new industry in Alaska. Consistent with our mission, our focus will be to provide quality data to support the success of this emerging sector of the Blue Economy. We are currently collaborating with local farmers, buyers and mariculture experts to identify and address critical challenges to successful growth through applied research. We are excited to be engaging in this new area, and welcome opportunities to learn more and contribute to supporting the sustainable growth of the Alaskan seaweed sector.


Exploring Collaborations

Saltwater partnered with ReGeneration North  to establish the Kachemak Kelp Hub in Homer – a proof-of-concept applied research project designed to reduce barriers to getting locally farmed kelp to market. Shown above, collaborators experiment with drying techniques at the hub.

If you have a seaweed-related farm, business or project in the works that needs a data support partner, let’s talk! We welcome inquiries and invite you to Contact Us.

To learn more about the Alaska seaweed industry, check out these links:

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Someone once asked me, "What gives you hope?" When I think about the health of our oceans and fisheries, one of my answers today is "seaweed."

– Nancy Munro, President, Saltwater Inc.