Observer Program Websites

Alaska Shellfish Observer Program
Overview and news about the ADF&G observer program.
North Pacific Observer Program
Includes links to descriptions of observer qualifications, training, schedules for briefing and training, pre-training reading materials, and the sampling manual.
West Coast Groundfish Observer Program
Includes information on training, the observer manual, FAQs, and data analysis.
Weathervane Scallop Observer Program
Details on the program and observing.
Weathervane Scallop Observing Article
Feature article about what it's like to be a scallop observer.

Other Fisheries & Observer Websites

National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Region Office

Provides an overview of Alaska’s commercial fisheries including information about protected species, regulations, habitat, and news updates.

North Pacific Fishery Management Council

The Council is responsible for groundfish management in the North Pacific. Their site provides news updates, decision summaries, and meeting schedules.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Provides information on many aspects of fishing within Alaska, including photos of fish species with life histories, range, habitat, and status.

Wikipedia Description Fisheries Observer

Describes observers and observer programs, including hiring requirements and objectives.

Association of Professional Observers

Provides information on issues related to observer programs.

A biology discussion board that includes articles, tutorials, and forums to discuss and share various topics in biology and other related disciplines.