Onboard EM Systems & Support:
Saltwater Intelligent Monitoring (SWIM)

Saltwater has developed a range of onboard EM systems designed to meet the needs of diverse fisheries. All include O2 (OpenOceans) software to collect high quality video imagery, GPS and sensor data – providing a clear record of fishing location, effort, and catch. Video recording can be triggered by gear activation, vessel speed, location, date or time. Data is collected on removable hard drives and can be transmitted via satellite or Wi-Fi.

Our SWIM systems have been designed, prototyped and tested in-house by our technical team and have proven reliable in extreme environments – from the cold of Antarctica to the heat of the Pacific Islands – and on vessels ranging from factory longliners to open skiffs.


Our standard SWIM system includes a ruggedized computer, up to 8 digital cameras, GPS, various gear sensors, expandable data storage and O2 data acquisition software.


Our SWIM+ adds data transmission capabilities (satellite, Wi-Fi or cell) and traceability features, including bar code and/or RFID readers.


SWIM-Mobile is designed for fisheries where the EM system needs to move between boats frequently and technician support is limited. SWIM-Mobile is about the size of two small suitcases, can have multiple cameras and is installable by vessel owners.


Our smallest system, SWIM-Nano, is designed for vessels in small scale, artisanal fisheries. It can be easily installed to collect high-quality digital imagery and GPS data that can be analyzed using O2Review.


If you’re interested in one of our systems, or would like to find a custom solution, contact us.
We are constantly testing, refining, and developing new products and software.

“The components you supplied have been fantastic in their operation in the ice. Which by the way, is again going to [be] worth its weight in gold at CCAMLR again this year!!”

– Brodie Plum, Compliance Manager, Talleys Group Ltd., New Zealand