Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office Graphic and Video Support Services

We are recruiting a qualified Graphic and Video Support person within the Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office (GARFO) Communications and Internal Affairs (CIA) team for a federal contract we are bidding on. This position is full time and remote, but the contractor may be required with travel to the main GARFO office in Gloucester, MA and locations from Maine to North Carolina to collect video footage.

The Graphic and Video Support person will work with GARFO to develop strategic communications, outreach and education tools to communicate to key constituents and support the mission of NOAA Fisheries.

Our ideal candidate would be someone with experience in strategic communications and content development, communicating technical information to a variety of audiences. A working knowledge of NOAA Fisheries writing style or the ability to acquire a that knowledge is a must.


  • Assist in the development of strategic communications, outreach, and education tools and materials including:
    • Create graphics, such as infographics, in both print and online formats that explain marine fisheries, protected species, policy, and management to the public and other target audiences.
    • Create artwork and use agency branding to design and format outreach materials such as reports, fact sheets, posters, postcards, newsletters, online media, and presentations.
    • Produce illustrations such as icons and badges to enhance print and online communications.
    • Translate marine resource management and policy writing/content into easy-to-understand plain language content for use on the web, social media, and in other communications and outreach products.
    • Create traditional or sketch videos and other multimedia that visually illustrate/explain our work. This may require traveling to GARFO to film and interview staff.
    • Contractor must become familiar with and follow NOAA Fisheries video production requirements.
    • Work with GARFO staff on content development and review for use in multiple outreach products.
    • Create and convert 508 compliant documents for online posting/dissemination and provide closed captioning for videos.
    • Use NOAA Fisheries brand templates to create communications and outreach products.
    • Search for and, if necessary, purchase images/graphics for use on the website and on outreach materials.
  • Meetings, Calls, and Project Management
    • Post award Kickoff Meeting
    • Coordination phone calls/conferences
    • Project Management and oversight
  • Requirements Scoping — The contractor shall work with NOAA to develop design requirements and timelines for specific product tasks. The contractor shall provide design and layout suggestions during the requirements scoping process. The Contractor will be asked to provide mockups or prototypes of design options during the requirements scoping process.
  • Product Review — The Contractor shall submit draft products for NOAA review and feedback prior to acceptance. The Contractor shall plan for two to three rounds of revisions based on NOAA feedback during a typical review process.


  • Experience in Strategic communications, content development, knowledge of social media communications, science/management writing expertise, and outreach and multimedia skills.
  • Experience in communicating technical information to a variety of audiences. Experience in marine fisheries and marine policy is a plus, but not a requirement.
  • Contractor must bring or acquire working knowledge of NOAA Fisheries Writing Style and Web Guide, NOAA Fisheries Video Development Guidelines and Requirements, and NOAA Fisheries Brand Toolkit.
  • The Contractor must be proficient in industry standard hardware and software for all products and materials produced for NOAA.


Salary commensurate with experience.

How To Apply

Only qualified applicants that meet the requisite experience need apply. If interested, applicants should submit a resume and cover letter that briefly describes how you meet the qualifications listed above and why you would be the best candidate for the job.

Please send your resume and cover letter to Chelsae Radell at

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