Saltwater's scientists offer comprehensive permitting, compliance, and mitigation support for both research and industry projects. Clients operating in offshore and/or nearshore environments can count on Saltwater to deliver the support and expertise needed to successfully meet project-specific marine mammal and protected species regulatory obligations and provide complete marine mammal observer and/or protected species observer coverage through every phase of their projects.

Marine Mammal & Protected Species Observer Program Services

Permit Application Support

Our lead scientists prepare documents necessary for work and permit applications including Incidental Harassment Applications (IHA), Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Environmental Assessments (EA), and technical reports.

Mitigation Design

We provide customized mitigation and data collection plans in advance of permit applications — with the ability to conduct monitoring and mitigation reporting from aerial, land, and sea platforms.

Data Collection / Reporting

Our marine mammal and protected species observers are marine biologists and experts in both species identification and behavior, and record meticulous, unbiased data of mitigation events. The data is delivered in a format that is useful, specific to each project, and ready for analysis.

Contact Our Marine Mammal & Protected Species Obervers Lead:

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